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Federalist features:

Federally compliant from the start

Hosted on the FedRAMP-certified cloud.gov platform and Amazon Web Services GovCloud infrastructure.

3-year Authority to Operate (low impact level) granted by GSA.

Reliable and secure

Protected against attack by multiple levels of authentication.

Federalist’s content delivery network seamlessly supports your site to keep it up and running even when traffic spikes.

Easy to change content and code

Deploy content and code quickly and safely, all while under your control.

Move your sites on or off of Federalist at any time.

Drawbacks of other site publishers:

Extensive security and compliance evaluations

Federal regulations demand an impact level assessment, system security plan, additional monitoring setup, vulnerability scanning, privacy threshold analysis, documentation review, penetration testing, and more to obtain an Authority to Operate.

Additional plugins required

You may need plug-ins to get features like simple editorial and development workflows or real-time publishing — and each plug-ins will need its own security evaluation.

Less collaboration and reuse

Closed-source software may require expensive training to learn.

You don’t benefit from reusing the open-work of other federal agencies using Federalist.

Customize and publish your site with confidence.

With Federalist, you can:

  • Ensure that content is tested and reviewed before publication.
  • Preview site changes before making them live.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to edit and review your site.
  • Make site updates quickly.

You don’t need to start from scratch with Federalist:

Deploy quickly

If your code is already on GitHub, Federalist can securely deploy a static website from your repository in minutes.

Accessible templates

Our 508-compliant website templates help you kickstart your design process.


Use a static site generator like Jekyll, Hugo, or other tools to deploy custom site designs through Federalist.

Simple version control

Use GitHub, a web-based hosting service with built-in version control, for real-time publishing and easy collaboration.

Reusable and public

Federalist source code is open source and in the public domain. Share code with other agencies and vendors also using Federalist.

It’s easy to get started.

We’ve streamlined our onboarding process to get you working quickly:

  • No hidden charges.
  • All the storage and bandwidth you need.
  • Unlimited additional sites for your team or office.
  • Weeks to execute a typical agreement.
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