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Federalist compliantly hosts federal government websites.

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Site updates deployed by Federalist this week: 1181.

Secure and scalable

Leveraging FedRAMP certified cloud infrastructure, Federalist websites provide compliance combined with performance, easily serving thousands of views a second.

Easy to maintain

You don't have to be a programmer to update your site. Select a template and add your content with a web-based editor.

Fully customizable

Advanced users can build and deploy complex sites that take advantage of Federalist's static hosting architecture. Federalist hosts over 100 diverse sites; contact us to learn more about what you can do with Federalist.

Federalist is open for business!

Federalist is a product of the General Services Administration. We developed Federalist to help deliver high-quality websites for departments and agencies across the US federal government. Want to learn more about what Federalist can do for your agency? Click below.

If you can’t access the form, please reach out to federalist-inquiries@gsa.gov.

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