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Federalist Stats:

127 live .gov sites supported

8 federal agency customers

368 prototypes tested

825 site updates this week

Rely on Federalist for the heavy lifting.

Easy, powerful and fast

You don’t have to be a programmer to get started or spend months working on compliance. We’ve taken care of it using popular and easy-to-use open source tools so you can get right to work.

Fully customizable

Bringing your own design team? Use Jekyll, Hugo, or your own tools to deploy custom sites that leverage Federalist’s scalable hosting architecture.

Secure and scalable

Built on the FedRAMP-certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud infrastructure and services from cloud.gov, our websites offer the highest level of security and scalability.

Kickstart your website with one of our templates.

You don’t need to start from scratch with Federalist. Customize one of our 508-compliant Jekyll templates so you can spend more time on your content.

Launch your site in minutes.

Is your code already on GitHub? Federalist can securely deploy a static website from your repository in minutes. Federalist also deploys site previews from GitHub branches, allowing your team to easily prototype site updates.

Agencies using Federalist

  • Seal of the Department of Education
    Department of Education
  • Seal of the Department of Homeland Security
    Department of Homeland Security
  • Seal of the Department of the Interior
    Department of the Interior
  • Seal of the Department of the Treasury
    Department of the Treasury
  • Seal of the General Services Adminstration
    General Services Administration
  • Seal of the National Science Foundation
    National Science Foundation
  • Seal of the Office of Personnel Management
    Office of Personnel Management

Federalist fact sheets

Need more details about Federalist? Need something to convince your executive team? We've developed these useful grab-and-go pdf documents to help. See more on the Federalist documentation site.

  • Federalist proposal

    A two page overview about Federalist for stakeholder briefings.

    Download PDF
  • Federalist basic diagram

    An outline of how all of Federalist’s parts work together.

    Download PDF
  • Compliance memo

    Details about Federalist’s compliance and Authority to Operate.

    Download PDF

Want to talk about what Federalist can do for your agency? Questions about our ATO? Want to try it out for yourself?

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